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Tuesday, December 9, 2014 —

Looking for a date place or a Christmas dinner venue this holiday season? :) Found a perfect place for you :D

It's so hard to find a not-so crowded resto this holiday season. Most are full because everyone is out celebrating Christmas dinners. Cos I'm such an antisocial being, I constantly find myself googling or asking people about new restaurants here in Metro Manila. One of the places I've been hearing from my friends is NEST ((located at the Roofdeck of W Fifth Building 5th avenue corner 32nd street BGC)

To satisfy my curiosity, I visited it the other day. When I stepped out of the elevator and saw NEST, my first thought was "oh it's fancy!" Since it's located in the roofdeck of W building, they didn't have to put aircon but don't worry! The place is so breezy and serene. And look at this view :) AHHH.

The place is really cozy. Loved the chill interior :)

Was surprised to see the prices of the dishes when they handed me the menu. I seriously thought each meal will cost me 500-1000 but no! Almost all of the starters, mains, bar bites, and desserts are priced below 500. I think only 3 dishes are priced above 500... Coolbeans! Actually, even their cocktails are priced well. This is so important for a kuripot person like me =p

Pink lips (P276) and Mango mint smoothie (P92) 

My bestfriend Joh had Pink Lips (she enjoyed this too much --- too bad I don't drink anymore, I'm sure I'd like this too!) and I had mango mint smoothie (I can drink this everyday!)

Ham and Eggs (P250)

I don't eat asparagus but surprisingly, I liked how they cooked it! Plus the jamon serrano, poached eggs, truffle oil and parmesan cheese tasted really good altogether!

Beetroot capraccio (P300) 

I hate beetroot! Joh forced me to try this and good thing I did! Beetroot tasted so much better with feta cheese and walnuts.

Rack of Lamb (P950)

I'm a big fan of lamb so this is my favorite dish! Ahhhhh I can't wait to go back and have this again!

Roast chicken supreme (P280)

I think 2 to 3 people can share this dish! So big. I can't believe it's just 280!!! It's so gooood! :)

5 spiced roast pork belly (P250)

This was my bestfriend's favorite dish and I think this is their best seller. But for me (I'm weird haha) it was just ok because I'm not a fan of soy and garlic noodles! Liked the pork belly though :)

Chocolate Textures (P200)

So rich and the sweetness is just right. Party in my mouth!!! :P 

Reese's Sansrival (P200)

Could've been better! I heard this should melt in your mouth but ours didn't! I'll try it again when I go back and hopefully, it won't disappoint (cos Reese is one of my fave chocolates hehehe) :p

Donuts and dips (P200)

PERFECT DESSERT. Enough said! Try it and I promise, super yummy! It has 3 dips: salted caramel, strawberry jam and peanut butter cream.

Love the ambiance and service of this place. We spent hours in Nest just enjoying the food, view and the music :) So pleased with this affordable fine dining experience!

Thank you Chef Benjo Tuason and Camz Modesto for being so accommodating! :D

Visit NEST at Roofdeck, W 5th building 5th avenue corner 32nd street BGC Taguig. It's open from Mondays-Saturdays, 5pm to 2am.

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