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Thursday, December 11, 2014 —

November photodiary!

Coffee dates with the bes!

Styled THE Ryan Bang for Jipangyi

With my twinnie!!

Eating our Jipangyi ice cream!

Coffeebean and YSA dates with blog friends Ana and Pax!

More more coffee dates bwahahaha


Crepe dinner at Breton with Papa :)


Bible study and Crisp with Joh :)

DOVE WeAreBeautiful launch

Meeting and bonding with Vern!:)

Meetings meetings


hahahahaha my nuffnang family :P

Nice day coffee meeting at Poetry and Prose!

Mockingjay premiere c/o Cadbury and Nuffnang! :)

Giordano 25th anniversary party! Brownman Revival, Franco and Rico Blanco. AHHHH!

Sundate with Maui at Locavore!

Enjoying my fave Dairy Queen Reese's Blizzard

Future NY roomie, alyssa :p


Cute coffee art!!! 

Short captions because I'm rushing! So much work to do today. Can't wait for this year to end. I'm so excited for 2015!!!!

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