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Thursday, December 18, 2014 —

Boracay #BOTD (bikini of the day) LOL :))

Neoprene bikini from CESA

I have a confession to make. I've been crazy lazy to go to the gym lately. The last time I went was... Umm... I can't even remember anymore :)) It's actually ok if I eat healthy and maintain a balanced diet but NO. I'm super into sweets and carbs hehe :D I just love food and sleeping so much! Plus, I'm so busy with work and I use my free time to just laze around in my bed. 

I know, excuses excuses! But then when you're really busy / lazy and desperate for a bikini body (LOL), I have good news for you! :) I found a new non invasive procedure that can help you be bikini ready even if you don't follow a strict diet / go to the gym! :)

I tried Cavislim at YSA Greenfield. I already tried RF (read about my experience HERE) but my blogger friend Anagon told me she prefers Cavislim! So of course, I had to try it! It's P1500 per session and I promise you, it's painless :P They just have to press it (the machine thing) hard around your stomach for 10 minutes. If you ask me, I prefer this than RF because it has noticeable instant results! Anagon and Tracy approved ;)

Thank you Jel of YSA! Visit YSA at Greenfield District, 2nd floor, Pavilion. Greenfield District (formerly Edsa Central) is in Shaw (in front of Shangri-La Mall). 

Promise to eat healthy and exercise after Christmas!!! HAHAHA :P

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