Bloggers United 8!

Sunday, December 21, 2014 —

Bloggers United 8 photodiary! :)

Our booth (Tin and I) :)

Black and white babes! Hi DG, Tin and LK! :P

With my busy bee love, Tin! :)

We love Camie Juan! Hi bh3! Haha :))

Hi Mons, Ana and Mama Sarah! :)

The artsy people: Alyssa, Dan and Tin! :)

Woohoo! Thanks for buying from my booth, guys!:)

Merienda muna! Drumstick time :)

Outfit from 

Hi Liwag, Cher and Prits!:) 

Matching KLARRA outfits with Ina!:)

Lunch c/o STEAK IT EASY!

Thanks to my super thoughtful readers for this :) AWWW!! :D

Thank you KLARRA for our outfits :)

Love these girls so much :)

Camie & Jamon x Pax & Ana

Ava x Cher

Clingies! Paul, Pax and Ana :)

Seph & Trice / Kelly & Jackie

Pretty blogfriends! :)

Mirror selfie :D

Love what this girl is wearing! Had to stop her and take a photo :)

Thank you PIZZA HUT for our yummy dinner!!!! 

With Marian... este Angela :P 

Crazy peeps :p

Pax, Ana, Kyle, Cams, Dani and Prits!:)

See you next JUNE for Bloggers United 9!!!! :) 

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