Boracay in November

Monday, December 1, 2014 —

Hello from Crown Regency, Boracay!!! :p

Swimsuit and metallic tattoos - CESA

I can't believe I'm back from Boracay; such a short and sweet vacation. This trip definitely made me realize I don't want to be in Manila anymore so I need to move to another place real quick, real soon. Anyway, I can't wait to tell you guys about my Boracay trip. Went there last thursday for work / vacay! :D It's my second time this year to go there. I actually go to there every year for Laboracay (i've been going since 2007); it's my first time to go there during rainy season (November). Eventhough we only got limited sunshine, I'm still very grateful for this trip. Will write about why I flew there, who flew me there, where I stayed, and what I did in Boracay this whole week. :D

HOLA monday! Back to work :)

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  1. Hi Tracy! Your swimsuit really looks good on you. Those metallic tattoos are also very pretty. It's always nice to know that guests enjoyed their visit to Boracay. Cheers and have a good one!


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