Early Christmas presents

Saturday, December 13, 2014 —

Guess I've been nice! Early Christmas presents from brands! :D 

I got 4 planners and it's just the start of December! It's like life is telling me to plan 2015 really, really well :p

GETFILED's Scribble planner :)

Super love the stickers and the artsyness (lol) of this planner! :) I think this is perfect for creative people. Doodle galore!

COFFEE BEAN's The Giving Journal. 

This is like a legit planner! If you're the type of person who doesn't write much (i mean it's just schedules --- no short kwentos about your day), this is the best planner for you! :)

There are discount coupons and inspiring quotes :D "Wait for you rainbow" AWWWW.

Seattle's Best Coffee's Dream Journal. AHHH love the color and the material used for the cover!

This is a journal. Sure you can use it as a planner but what I love about this is there are no dates or  whatsoever, you're free to do / write whatever!

Free CD and mousepad! So cool ;)

Starbucks 2015 planner. No Starbucks didn't give me this! My coffee addict friend AJ gave me this :D

Chose the color brown because I always choose black! I want 2015 to be totally different :P Plus I think the brown one has the nicest cover design. 

Typical Starbucks planner! :P I collected stickers since 2005 (or 2006 methinks) just to get a planner but I didn't this year, breaking traditions I guess? Good thing AJ gave me one. YAY!

December BDJ Box!!! They partnered with Covergirl this month. Fun fact! I use covergirl powder so I'm really happy when I saw this box! Good job BDJ ;)

JANE IREDALE starter kit --- the skin care makeup! Each starter kit includes:

1. Smooth affair facial primer and brightener
2. Amazing base SPF 20 Loose mineral powder 
3. Purepressed Base SPF 20 Mineral foundation
4. Pommist Hydration Spray
5. Mini powder brush
6. Travel size cosmetic case with extra large mirror

You can get this at Rustans for only P2950! I'm sure your beauty/makeup enthusiast friends will love this kit! :)

Thank you REXONA for this black and white essential kit! Love the white H&M shirt, black nail polish and personalized clutch bag! :)

The ultimate game kit! Get closer with your friends this Christmas ;) THANK YOU CLOSEUP! 

HAPPYSOCKS! Perfect for the cold weather :D

NESCAFE Cappuccino! Wahhhh my fave instant coffee. Thanks for the cool clear mug, too! :)

Star Wars bag from Folded and Hung! Visit their store and check out their Star Wars collection! :)

White birks from THERAIDER.CO :) It's for P879 only! To order text 09153787073

Sweet treats from CRUMBLE MNL! AHHH TOO GOOD! Melts in your mouth! :) Finished these in less than 10 mins omg :)) To order text 09178280829 / 09178921585!

SUPER THANK YOU TO THE BRANDS and ONLINE STORES for sending these! :D Much appreciated. Merry Christmas to me :P

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