Mermaid for a day!

Sunday, December 7, 2014 —

My Little Mermaid dream came true at Crown Regency Convention's OCEANARIUM! :D

A week ago, I spent 4 beautiful days in Boracay! It was a totally different experience compared to my past Boracay trips. I usually go during laboracay (have been going for 7 years straight already :O) so this is something new to me. I mean, going to the island without my usual barkada and embracing a serene & peaceful island. 


Stayed in Crown Regency Convention in Station 2. Read all about my experience HERE

So... okay. This is the part 2 of my Boracay photodiary. Probably the highlight of my trip. :) During our day 3, it rained so hard. I kind of expected this weather because going to Boracay in November means rainy season! We didn't bother going to the beach because the rain was crazy; I mean as much I love the rain, I can't risk getting sick. So we just stayed in our hotel.

Luckily, Crown Regency has an OCEANARIUM. Yup! You read that right. I didn't know they have this. Was so surprised when they told us about it. Of course my first question is, "what can we do there? Stare at the aquarium?" WELL... Everything got more exciting when they told us we can do reef walking and mermaid swimming! SAY WHAT?!!!! :))

We visited the Ocean Bar first to grab some snacks. It was going to be a long day so we needed energy! They told us they have a videoke room also. WAHAHA everyone went crazy when we heard about this! "Uy videoke tayo tonight!" Hahaha. Oh my bibo blog friends :P

After our snacks, we went to the Discovery Tunnel! 


AND OMG. MERMAIDS!!!!!! Whuuuuut!!!! Huhu so cute!!!! 

BABY  SHARKS! So wild!!! :O

The world's largest pearl is in Crown Regency Convention. WOW.

If you're a hotel guest and want a quick tour, it's just 400 pesos inclusive of light snacks at Ocean Bar.(600 for walk-in guests). If you want a comprehensive tour + lunch/dinner buffet, it's 600 for hotel guests and 800 for walk-ins.

Okay, so the MEGA fun part! First activity was reef walking. Thought it was easy because they told me easier siya than helmet diving. But no :)) It was pretty hard cos I'm claustrophobic. And para siyang diving but inside the aquarium! Gets? Pretty good training nadin to because my friends who are into diving are forcing me to start with diving lessons nadin. 

Thank you to the divers in Oceanarium for being so patient with me! :)

I was able to do fish feeding! Kaloka. Akala ata ng mga isda, isda din ako! Walang concept of space :)) Binabangga lang nila ako hahahahah! Yun iba akala pa squid yun fingers ko (I had gloves naman) haha kinakagat nila! 

Ana and I doing fish feeding! Super safe promise :) You'll be with professional divers and they really know how to take care of you! They kept asking me if okay oxygen ko like every minute! Hehe astig :p

Ready for the real thing na ba next time? Naks sana talaga may skills ako maging diver hahaha pray for me guys :))

Next activity? Mermaid training! WHEEE :D 

I don't know what I liked better. If mermaid training or reef walking :)) Both are hard but because I like challenging stuff, I enjoyed both! Hirap magswim with fins ahahaha di siguro ako pwede maging mermaid :)) Malulunod ako HAHAHA or perhaps I need more mermaid training!

Thank you to the patient sirenas in Oceanarium for letting me swim around. Mermaid dreams hahaha!

And I shall end this post with this super weird photo of me (Sabi ni david janitor fish daw ako :/) HAHAHA! 

Thank you Crown Regency Boracay for this cool experience! :D And to Air Asia for flying us to Boracay woot woot! :D

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