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Wednesday, December 3, 2014 —

Did you know I'm scared of flying? Yup! I love traveling but I never enjoy plane rides until...

Yup you read it right. I don't like plane rides. I had a bad experience (major turbulence as in drop like crazy levels plus flickering lights) with this certain airline and eversince, I've always been super nervous na whenever I fly. I actually don't know how I survived my 8 plane rides last Feb to April during my US trip. But this AIR ASIA plane ride to Boracay surprised me :p Kwento ko why!

First, the plane was on time. I'm impatient. I don't like long waits in the airport. I'm always early for my flights so imagine whenever my flights get delayed... Hay nako! Hassle. I don't like wasting time. I'm sure you guys agree with me on this. Time is precious especially when traveling!

AIR ASIA staff were so pleasant. Easy check-in! Actually, they have an app na you can download! You can book tickets and do online check-in. Ayos diba? That way you don't have to come to the airport too early. Skip the lines, save time!

New plane! Hehe made me feel more safe. Halata naman if it's an old plane. Or perhaps it's an old plane??? If that's the case hmmm it's really well-maintained ha! Plus points na to! Cleanliness is important especially to an OC person like me hahaha

Greeted with big smiles ng crew! Pati passengers ang saya oh. HAHAHA! I've dealt with a sungit stewardess na before so I'm thankful this one is so courteous! Actually lahat sila during that flight ang bait! Natatawa nalang ata sila sakin kasi picture ako ng picture hahahaha =))

BYE MANILA!!! Lol. Was praying hard during takeoff. I even held my friend's hand because I was so scared bwahahaha as if I don't travel almost every month! I don't know how to get rid of this OA nervousness talaga when it comes to riding planes :/ I need a chill pill, eh?!

I was MEGA surprised na super smooth and SUPER fast (yup not exaggerating) ng flight! Usually, around 45 minutes from MNL to Kalibo but that flight? 30 minutes lang! It wasn't bumpy too. I was so paranoid talaga haha I know normal lang turbulence but well, I'm the kind of passenger who expects na no turbulence at all. Well, Air Asia didn't disappoint! Galing. I thanked the pilots after. Hahaha. Curing my fear of planes one flight at a time! :P

And another reason why I got surprised na no turbulence is because there was a tropical depression when we flew! I was too amazed. San kami dumaan? Lol! So what causes turbulence? Maybe I should google it! Hahaha!

Oh, see how relaxed I am. Nag outfit photo pa sa loob ng plane. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Please don't judge me. Saya ko eh! :)) And I guess what's fun is I got to travel with friends. Air Asia flights are way cheaper compared to other airlines. So you can book trips with your friends without worrying too much about the cost of the flight!

Push pa mag shoot!!! LOL. It got so awkward cos the other passengers were looking at me na =))

Alyssa: What? Final approach na? Ang bilis! =))

I was so happy cos we arrived early! Because of the extra time, we actually took more photos inside the plane hahahaha pang instagram! :)) Thank you to the kind staff for allowing us!

Photoshoot pa! :))

Got to check the cockpit! And of course...

In-avail ko na magphoto! :)

With the girl co-pilot and flight attendant! :) 

And of course, thank you Captain for the super smooth flight! I'm always tense whenever I fly but not this time :) Relax mode ako!

Where to next? :)

Thank you Air Asia for flying us to Boracay!

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