Of staycations and pigout sessions

Friday, December 26, 2014 —

Christmas parties slash sleepovers with my barkadas :)

Staycation at Best Western Antel Suites in A.Venue with my blog friends! :)

Chill kape sa pool! :)

After our chill time at the hotel, we walked to Century Mall and had dinner at Hole in The Wall!

Been hearing a lot of great reviews about this place so I wanted to try it out! :)

Unique interior!

My pics could have been better if morning 'to but I promise I'll blog about this place again soon! :)

Scout's Honor has the BEST salted caramel milk. Grabe lang ok!! Sobrang milk lover kasi ako hahaha

The stalls! Dami noh? Other stalls aren't open yet actually!

Hi seph and trice + paul's back hahaha

Liberation Shawarma

MUST TRY: Chicken from Bad Bird!! And their dirty rice. WHEEEEW!!!

 We ate a lot :P Pero share naman kaming 10! Thanks so much Oya Olalia for taking care of us :)

Sorry random but I saw these uber cute stuff toys at one of the stores in Century Mall (Forgot the name huhu)! May soft spot talaga ako for stuff toys. I want them all =(

Good morning from best western Antel Suites! :) Drinking my yummy nescafe cappuccino!

No photos mashado because we were busy bonding and playing Heads up! So thankful for my blog friends Ana, Pax, Mama Sar, Alyssa, Angela, Paul, Liwag, Trice and Seph! Nabuo yun group na to cos of the Boracay viber group. Hahaha! Sobrang laughtrip and gaan nila kasama :)

Next stop? Intercon with my college barkada! :) Thank you Niche and MakeItMakati for this wonderful staycation :)

Hi bes :)

Rockclub aka samahan ng mga walang puso aka bato. JOKE!!!! 

We went to 12/10 in Guijo for dinner!

Love everything about the place. So chill!

I didn't get to try this! But my friends said it was good :)

Chicken Wing Karaage --- liked this :) hahaha di ako pwedeng food blogger!

Korean fried chicken --- SO GOOD!!!!!! Wish we ordered more!

Dito ako nabitin ng SOBRA SOBRA! Toro Onigiri. Anything with Foie Gras, I like... no... LOVE! Ahhh I can eat 6 of this heavenly thing... seriously!!!! 

Guijo tambays. NAKS. Haha

Went to Black Market after! :) It was my first time there. All I can say is... astig siya. I'm not a club/party person but it's really different there. Di ko maexplain hahaha even their music is different! I don't know what genre they played the whole night but trip ko!

Good morning from Intercon! :P

Walang katapusang buffet breakfast! Tis the season to be fatty talaga :))

Thank you Lord for those precious bonding moments with my friends! :) Currently in La Union surfing my heart out. Hahaha! Hope everyone had a spectacular Christmas! Time to prepare for New Year naman! Abangan niyo yun year-ender post ko sa 30 and 31 hahaha drama galore joke!!! :)


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