Staycation at Crown Regency Boracay

Thursday, December 4, 2014 —

Boracay during the rainy season? PUSH! :)

People were telling me not to go to Boracay during the rainy season because I won't enjoy my trip. Well, they're wrong! I realized I should stop going to laboracay (April or May) because the island is too crowded. Boracay in November is the way!

We stayed in CROWN REGENCY Convention station 2. There are 3 Crown Regency hotels in Boracay. There's one in Station 1 and Station 3. 

I'm not familiar with the hotel so I got surprised when I saw their pool! It has a slide! :) We were so happy to see this! My blogger friends and I are super kids at heart so talagang tuwang tuwa kami! 

Our room had 2 beds, a small kitchen, ref, tv :D

Our CR had a shower area and bathtub! So spacious :D

With my roomie, Christine! :)

View from our room... GANDA!!!! :D

During our first night, we ate at Crown Regency Station 3

Their buffet is so affordable. Sulit siya! :)

They have seafood and mongolian dishes that night! :)

Then may band pa sa labas! They played 80's hits haha "it must've been love but it's over nooooow" =))

The next day, I woke up to this view! People enjoying the pool! It has waves. I noticed that Crown Regency was full of families enjoying their bonding session in the hotel mismo. There are so many things you can do here. There's this wave pool, wave rider (it's surfing in the pool!), they have a 4 storey slide, and Oceanarium (I'll be blogging about it tomorrow because it seriously deserves its own post!)

So many things to do there! The Oceanwalk (reef walking, parang diving sa aquarium, where you can also do fish feeding), mermaid watching (I actually did mermaid training --- dream come true!). Abangan niyo talaga yun blog post ko bukas! Daming kwento. Haha!

What I like about Crown Regency convention pa is that they have PRICELITE. This grocery store that sells imported items (from clothes to chocolates to ice cream... basta ang dami!) Every night my blogger friends and I would buy our midnight snacks here! And they have alcohol din, so of course, inuman yun friends ko first night sa room! It's open for 24 hours too! :D How convenient diba? 

I'm sure you guys are all wondering, why is it called Crown Regency Convention? Well because there are convention rooms! So this place is perfect for parties, seminars, company getaways... Joke nga namin dito yun next bloggers united! Haha kidding! Segue lang, pls go to Bloggers United this sunday, 10am to 8pm, Whitespace Makati. YAY! :D

Another reason why I like this hotel? Big hallways na pwede pang outfit shots! HAHAHA nice lighting everywhere since open space siya :D It was raining 2 out of 4 days we were in Boracay so we didn't have a choice but to shoot indoors.  

I swear daming surprises nun hotel! We were shocked na they have fifties cafe too! :D

Such a cute vintage place! Instagrammable :P

For the barkadas who doesnt like partying in Boracay, this is the perfect chill place! :) It's cozy and you can do chill drinking pa! Haha overused yun word na chill sa place na to :P

They have billiards also :D

INOM PA :D Joke!

 Of course, there's food too for all you non-drinkers out there (like me haha) :D Saya lang mag bonding here! Quiet pa :)

So when we went out, it was raining :( We panicked!

But then OCEANARIUM became our tambayan! We spent the whole afternoon there :) I'll make kwento about our water adventures tomorrow! :D

Thank you CROWN REGENCY for this ultimate boracay staycation! :) Really enjoyed! To book, click HERE :D

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