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Wednesday, December 24, 2014 —

Boracay photodiary :)

Thank you AIR ASIA for flying us to Boracay! Read all about my experience HERE

Pambahay realness. HAHAHA

Van to Caticlan! 

Beach essentials :) Swimsuits and gold tatts from Cesa, bag from Neon Island, and havaianas!

Boracay in November... YAASSSSS!

OH THIS 4 cheese pizza from Four Seasons. :) :)

More about this look HERE

And more about this look HERE 

SO PEACEFUL! This is my kind of Boracay (screw Laboracay hahaha lol *said the antisocial*)

Pretty boat thingies! There was a wedding. AWWW.

Usual ride in boracay :p

Went to Station 0? Haha!

less people... HURRAH! :D

Hipster tatts haha

 More about this look HERE

Choco banana shake from Spider House!


Blogfriends!!! :)


Andoks and coffee, why not? :p

Drinks at Station 4 bar! Nope, I didn't drink :D Woohoo! Been since... I can't remember anymore hihi

With the drunkies hahaha

Aww it's time to go! :(

Bye bye Boracay see you soon!

And I end this post with 2 of my fave muffins from REAL COFFEE BORACAY! Hello there carrot and calamansi muffins.

Whut sabaw! Kbye :))

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  1. Wonderful photos!!! :D Makes me wanna go back to Boracay ASAP!


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