Wardrobe white-out

Monday, December 8, 2014 —

Or should I say "Wardrobe wipeout" :P 

Top and skirt - Klarra
Shoes - Forever 21

This is what I wore to Bloggers United 8! The day I decided to sell all my printed clothes. I'm not giving up on colors though! I still kept my colored sweaters and tops. Although I'm finally going to say goodbye to anything printed! Not unless I find a print that's not too loud for my taste. I can't believe it... I started this year embracing so much color and prints (I still vividly remember my love for florals and graphic prints lol) but after I came back from the US, I decided to simplify everything in my life. Even my style lol!

It's funny how my wardrobe almost translates to my life. Finally said goodbye to complications (prints --- fashion world) and fully embraced the simple, quiet, minimal lifestyle (back to basics / normcore lol).

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