Started 2015 right!

Thursday, January 1, 2015 —

How I spent the first day of 2015!

After media noche, my yearly tradition is to go out. I'm not a party person; I may seem like I'm always out but I'm always just sitting inside a club. You know, people watching while everyone's getting drunk while I'm sober because I already quit drinking. HAHA! But every New Year, I try to make an exception! I go out with my friends and watch the first sunrise of the year!

Bes! :D

Hello Joa and the uber pretty Bella!! :)

This year we chose to go to Raven! Went around 2am. It's my first time there and can I just say... I LOVED THE DJ'S SET! I don't enjoy club music but last night's (or should I say earlier today??!:p) set was incredible! I had fun dancing with my crazy friends Linny, Joa and AJ! After Raven, we went to Skye to watch the sunrise!

Not a morning person. HAHA. Good thing I brought my shades. LOL! Vampire mode :p

I had a great time this year cos none of my friends got drunk (that meant I didn't have to take care of anyone. HURRAH!)

We left Skye at 7am and walked to Crisp to have breakfast! Yummers! :D

OOTD time! HAHAHA. Only phone photos. I promise to buy a compact camera so I can take better OOTD shots. Shucks! 2015 na and I still have sucky pictures huhuhu

Dress from Topshop, Shades from Sunnies & heels from Zara

Sino ang naiiba. HAHA. 

Took a lot of photos (again) because I wanted all of us to have the same poses. HAHA SORRY NA!

Waiting for our Uber. :D

Good morning Fort! 

I rarely post selfies here so pls pagbigyan niyo na ko!!!!! Love my shades from Sunnies!! :)

Just got out of bed look! NATTTT.

Went to Jas' condo after breakfast! Slept over :D We slept at 10am and woke up at 3!! HAHA. Gloomy weather!

Was so hyperrrrrr. LOVE 2015 ALREADY! :P :P 

Ramen lunch with my jetsetter bestfriend! She flew in from Australia yesterday cos she had to attend an important NYE event here in Manila. I actually just dropped her in the airport just an hour ago cos she's going back to Australia again haha! :))

HUGE RAMEN BOWL! hahaha size comparison! lol it's as big as my face :D

You have pretty interior, Hanamaruken!

Hope everyone had an awesome January 1! :D Happy new year guys!!!!!!!!

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