Hello Bali!

Monday, February 2, 2015 —


Hello paradise! :D









Turtleneck sweater - Stradivarius
Floral luggage bag - Roxy

Took the earliest Cebu Pacific flight to Bali (4AM). No delays, thank God! Arrived in Denpasar (Bali) 4 hours later. Please don't judge the eyebags, my bestfriend Linny and I had work the night before so no sleep! And if you're wondering why I'm wearing a black turtleneck crochet top turned into dress eventhough I'm going to the beach, well guys, this may be the comfiest airportwear EVER. Haha! We camwhored outside the airport while waiting for an airport taxi (damn overpriced shit!). Paid 400,000 rupiah (that's like 1400 pesos) for a 30 minute ride. -_- We should've walked in the side streets and just looked for a normal cab. Oh well what's done is done :P Driver was pleasant anyway so... OK! :))

Stayed at this beautiful villa in the heart of Seminyak.

I'll make kwento tomorrow what we did during our first day in Bali. While I work on that W Retreat and Spa Bali post, check out what bikini I wore during my first full day in Bali. LOL! Toodles! x

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