Day to night

Wednesday, March 4, 2015 —


Nowadays, the term “busy” is a total understatement for me. I’m doing 3 jobs without any assistant as of the moment so I’m super swamped with work! I used to enjoy dressing up but if you’ve noticed recently, I haven’t been updating my blog because I don’t have “outfit photos” to post!  I’m now trying to change that, so I came up with this day to night outfit.


People with insane schedules like mine should be able to create outfits that can be appropriate for lunch meetings ‘til after-dinner hangouts! It’s time-consuming to think of 2 different outfits for 1 day… and I’d rather use that time to catch up on my beauty sleep!


1.     Choose pieces that aren’t too loud for the day and not too boring for  nights out. I chose this white sweater and paired it with a white skort (that has this cute, cheerleader-ish cut!).

2.    If you can’t wear high heels all day (I CAN’T!), the answer to your woes would be these low-heeled minimalist sandals that can look dainty for the morning, but can still make you look like you made an effort to dress up when you go out and party.

3.    If you’re into accessories (sadly, I’m not!), you can add these during nighttime. Putting on make-up can also amplify your look. Wear nude lipstick during the day and red lipstick (or anything loud/vivid) during the night.


Guys, I want to see your day to night outfits! Upload photos on your instagram/twitter or here on my comment box and include the hashtag #FlauntNestleNonFat.

One lucky reader will get a personal blender, Fitness First GCs, and a special Nestle Non Fat Milk gift pack (see image below), while two other readers will get regular gift packs from Nestle!

Can’t wait to see your looks! :)


  1. Yey you're back, with great pictures pa :)


    Here's my entry Ms. Tracy!!

    I chose the classic LBD for my day to night look :) During the day, I would wear a denim jacket over it to make it a bit more casual and appropriate for school. And then at night, I'll take off the jacket, put some accessories on and don a red lippie!! For the bag, I would probably change it to something smaller like a clutch or so and then for the shoes, I think booties are okay for both day and night. :) As they say, you are never underdressed or overdressed with a little black dress!!! <3 <3 <3


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