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Monday, March 30, 2015 —


WHAT. A. WEEKEND!!!!!!!!! :)

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I'M ALIVE. Yes I AM!!! Hahaha. I can't explain how busy I was weeks ago :o I'd go home dead tired and I didn't even want to open my laptop. I know, i know... such an irresponsible blogger. >:D 


3 weeks ago (whew), Roxy invited me to their first ever FITNESS CAMP at Crystal beach resort, Zambales. I didn't know what to expect! I just went there with an open mind and heart. :P I did things I never thought I would do! Pax and I missed day 1 cos we had work. But day 2 was so jampacked! They taught us how to do poi, we had ukelele sessions (I now know how to play Stay With Me!!!), we did BOOTCAMP (buddy challenge --- KC and I won 1st place! NAKS!)! Since we were so tired, they treated us to a boodle fight kind of dinner! Sobrang sarap! :) After the well-deserved pigout session, we danced our hearts out (& burned the calories wooo) during the zumba class! Shempre, we still had energy so we had bonfire bonding session (sabay kanta ng emo songs :P).

Day 3 was pretty chill. Yoga by the beach, another game, then paddle paddle lang because there were no waves :( Of course, since I was with bibo bloggers (Hi Pax, Ana, Lau and Cams), we had a mini photoshoot! :)) We were so sad during uwian time. It was so bitin! Crossing my fingers next ROXY FITNESS CAMP, 1 week na siya!! :P

Thank you Roxy for an adventure-filled weekend! :)

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