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Wednesday, April 15, 2015 —
Back in college, I had qualms about going to my university. The distance from my house to DLSU is insane. It would take my 1 hour (if there’s no traffic at all), 1 and a half hours (if there’s traffic but not so much), and 2-3 hours (if I’m unlucky/during rush hour). But of course, that didn’t stop me from attending this beautiful school.

I tried riding the train so it would be fast but my lazy self can’t take the sardines life there. I would get to school so drained. So I opted for a car, so I can sleep all throughout the ride. But the problem was, I spent so much for my gas. I don’t even want to compute how much I spent for gas during my college life.

Back then, living in a dorm or condo wasn’t an option for me. I don’t know why but I wish I asked my parents for that. I think it would’ve saved me more time (and them money haha) if we did that option.

A week ago, I was hanging out with a friend and we were talking about these things because her sister is attending college soon and the university is SUPER far from their place. Sakto I heard about VistaResidences. It is a subsidiary of Vista Land, the country’s biggest homebuilder. It has a solid track record in building homes, developing properties and creating communities. Therefore, its extension of expertise to vertical residences or condominium projects, is a natural progression. Vista Land expands the breadth and depth of its product offerings with Vista Residences. Since its launch in 2003, it now carries a total of 24 condominiums in various stages of development.

Since I had free time I went with my friend to check out Vista Residences. Currently they’re building the University Series and has five new projects:

·      Vista GL Taft (The single tower, 42 storey, and is in front of Philippine General Hospital and very near the UP Manila campus)
·      Vista Heights in Legarda Ave (single tower, 28-storey condo project right within the University Belt
·      Vista Brenthill Baguio (single tower, which is in close distance to Brent School)
·      Vista Katipunan (near top universities like Ateneo, Miriam and culinary schools like CCA and Iscahm)
·      Vista Recto (property within the U-Belt and close to FEU)

So I asked, what’s the difference of Vista Residences from other existing condominiums out there? Well, it’s STUDENT LIVING REDEFINED. Their properties have the usual swimming pool, fitness gym and multi purpose function halls for hosting parties or school meetings. And their University Series houses an E-library with study pods, WIFI access, charging stations run by solar panels and sky gardens where students can relax or meet for scholarly discussions.

Vista Residences is giving students better living options with a dynamic concept in condominium living—the “University Series”—a collection of vertical residences located close to the country’s key colleges and universities and designed around students’ needs as well as those of the academe. It is definitely cool to students and can be trusted by parents! Check out this cool video of the Vista Residences launch last month :)

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