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Tuesday, April 28, 2015 —

The heat nowadays is insane. I can’t even survive 10 minutes outside the house/under the sun because I’m so scared it’ll ruin my skin. Yes, yes. Eventhough I’m a beach bum, lately I’ve been so careful with how I take care of my skin because who wants skin cancer right? Plus this intense heat contributes to my unusual breakouts and whatnot. Good thing I dropped by Watsons and discovered Skin Wonders! Here are a few of my favorite products!


First product is the Quick FX PIMPLE ERASER. It miraculously zap pimples away in an instant! This product contains Salicylic Acid, which helps prevent and treat pimples, and Glycolic Acid, that evens out your skin tone. The intense heat is making me breakout so bad so this product is seriously my life (ok, face saver!) :p


Second product is the Quick FX TINTED MOISTURIZER. It’s just last March that I found out that eventhough I have oily skin, I still need to use moisturizer for protection. The problem is, the other moisturizers out there are so heavy when applied on face. Surprisingly, the Quick FX tinted moisturizer is so lightweight and can instantly moisturize your skin, and conceal blemishes and scars in no time. It acts as a foundation too since I don’t like putting a lot of stuff in my face.


Third product I would like to share is the AVENINE KOJIC BRIGHT LOTION. This contains Kojic Acid and Niacinamide Vitamin B3 which corrects uneven skin tone, lightens skin, and boosts skin elasticity. Since I’ve been going to the beach a lot, I need a lotion that can even out my skin tone. I love being tan but I like my skin to look healthy so I use this.


Fourth product (the most interesting for me) is the BODYXPERT SHAPE FIRMING LOTION. It promises to firm up your body in an instant! It helps burn excessive body fats and contour the body! I’ve been using this for days already and I can’t wait to tell you guys if it works.


Lastly, my summer season is full of late night events and work so I need my PUREDERM COLLAGEN EYE ZONE MASK 30S. It lessens the puffiness and lightens dark circles around the eye area! It has Vitamin E and Green Tea extract that provide hydration and diminishes the signs of aging.


That’s it! Hit the beach with perfect skin and body with the help of these products that are exclusive only to Watsons! J  Visit, like them on Facebook: WatsonsPhilippines and follow them on IG @watsonsph to know more about their amazing products! J

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