Foodtrip with my faves

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 —


North to south foodtrip!!!

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Polo - Sfera
Shoes - Adidas
Shorts and bag - Forever 21

Not sure when was this, I think 2 months ago? February? Haha. I'm such a bad blogger I don't know why I stopped doing monthly photodiaries. Yikes. Anyway, I have free time today so I thought I'd share with you guys this crazy foodtrip day with my favorites! First stop, lunch at The Girl and The Bull with Diggy. He's my ex brother-in-law (HAHAHA) and forced #OOTD photographer! :)) We checked out our friend's (Hi Thea!) resto in Paranaque. Super worth it! I want to go back. Their twix faux dessert is to die for. AHHHHH. After our mini roadtrip, we went to Fort to have coffee in Luna. First time to try their white rabbit coffee. It's good :) Must try for all the adventurous coffee lovers out there. Met up with my cousin Trish after my short bonding sesh with Digs. We had dinner in Locavore (worth the wait forever) and coffee in Toby's Estate in Ortigas. I ate so much that day I don't know how my tummy was able to take them.

So many restos I want to try!!!!!

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