How to achieve poreless skin

Monday, May 18, 2015 —


Check out these latest SANA cosmetics and why I love them! :)

The no.1 selling series, Nameraka-hompo Isoflavone from soymilk provides hydration and produces smooth & firm skin. It's moisturizing, increases production of collagen, anti-aging, and brightening. With beauty ingredients coming from nature, Nameraka-hompo promises reliable quality and mildness for the skin. 

The Pore Putty line has make-up base, powder, and BB cream series to achieve smooth and poreless looks. Light texture, yet moisturizing. The pore putty series includes silicone gel powder that changes the shape depends on sizes of pores and movement of face. Covers any pores and long lasting. The pudding silicone has bright up peal powder and can cover black, heads, discoloration, and dullness. 

Here are my faves!


The Pore Putty BB pact has benefits of a make-up base, foundation, concealer, essence and sunscreen. The cream changes to powder when applied on the skin and conceal clogged pore, dullness and roughness. It has SPF 40 PA+++ that protects the skin.


The Pore Putty BB cream smooth can conceal even oily pores! It's sebum-absorbing powder can cover discoloration and unevenness of skin tone. 


The Nameraka-Hompo cleansing cream has soybean isoflavone. It keeps moisture in skin and removes makeup and impurities easily, even from pores! 


This Nameraka-Hompo face cream helps seal moisture with masking effect. Skin feels smooth and supple after usage!


The Nameraka-Hompo UV makeup base protects your skin from harmful UV rays with it's SPF25. Also helps promote an easy makeup application.


Lastly, the Nameraka-Hompo skin lotion can make your skin feel hydrated and smooth. It's refreshing and will leave your skin moisturized after every use.

These SANA (Nameraka-Hompo and Pore Putty) products are available in all Watsons stores! Happy makeup shopping! :P

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