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Friday, May 22, 2015 —


The reason why I changed my blog name :)

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Top - Forever 21
Pants - River Island 
Bag and sandals - SM Parisian

Earlier today, I found out that my domain ( was stolen by someone. I didn't know that was possible. I noticed that my stats went down so I decided to click my website. I was so surprised to see that someone else got it! What I didn't know is that there are really scammers who do this: When your domain expires, the scammers lurk around and buy your domain during the period when you can still renew it. I thought I could still save it so I called GoDaddy (the website where I got my domain), and I was so shocked when they confirmed that someone else already bought it. Basically the solution to this problem is I should negotiate with the buyer to give me back my domain name. I actually did. I got an email from a "Steen" guy telling me this:

I couldn't believe it!!!! I MEAN SERIOUSLY?? So I begged but what shocked me most is how much he's asking so I can get my domain name back. $1000??? Seriously??? 1000 USD?!!!! No way!

Since I can't buy it back, I decided to change my blog name. I thought of a lot of names but for some weird reason, the word traces kept popping in my head (I think it's because of my nickname Trace hehe) and somewhere along the lines of frustration and desperation, my brain comes up with TRACES OF THINGS.

Since my website is now a lifestyle blog (I can't even remember the last time I used my dSLR for outfit shots! --- I just use my iPhone now), I really don't want it to be super focused on fashion/beauty. There will be traces of my travels, adventures, foodscapades, work, feelings (lol) and basically just new... things. I'll be as random as I can be :p

So hello everyone... :) Welcome to Traces of things!

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