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Tuesday, June 16, 2015 —


Fight breakouts fast! :)


There are a lot of available facial cleansers in the market right now. I’m not the type who would change brands but when I found out Safeguard (this is what I use for body soap) released a Derma Sense facial cleanser line, I got curious and I decided to try it. 


Safeguard has been trusted for so many years so I wasn’t scared to try it. I have oily and sensitive skin so I’m really particular when it comes to putting stuff on my face. But this facial cleanser is designed for easily irritable skin and has mild & unscented formula so I didn’t have to worry about harsh/strong chemicals. So I started using it weeks ago and noticed a huge difference! I’m not breaking out as much (I started breaking out this summer --- see first blog post HERE) and the zits are starting to dry up. I mean it’s not a miracle product that made my zits disappear overnight but I can see my skin is clearing up already. I have been using it for weeks and I’m really happy with the results. It’s still crazy hot because it’s still summer but now that I discovered about the Derma Sense line, I’m not scared to do activities that will make me sweat intensely. Because I know that I can just clean my face right after with Safeguard Derma Sense acne prone skin facial cleanser and it will remove dirt, impurities and excess oil while maintaining the skin’s natural defense layer. Also, it has aloe extracts that will help moisturize the skin.

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So to all those people who are having acne problems right now, or even the people with clear skin, Safeguard Derma Sense is perfect to fight acne and prevent breakouts!


For more info about the Derma Sense line, please check out Safeguard's facebook page and website.

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