Le Petit Souffle

Monday, June 15, 2015 —


New discovery :P

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When you see a restaurant that has an amazing menu and an awesome interior design, you blog about it! Hehe. I think restos nowadays shouldn't just focus on the menu itself but the overall feel of the place. I have to admit, when picking a restaurant, I judge it based on what I see (design). I mean especially if it's the first time I'm gonna try it, first thing I'm gonna notice is the interior design. Then if it catches my eye, I get lured to try the place. There are times I get disappointed because the quality of food didn't match the beauty of the place. But not LE PETIT SOUFFLE! :)

When I saw the sign outside, I immediately checked the menu. They serve french-japanese dishes at a reasonable price. First thought that popped into my head: "interesting fusion!" That made me want to try their food. And to my surprise, they had a really, REALLY lovely interior. "So instagrammable!" hehehe. Tried a lot of their food because I was with my blog barkada (and we just love trying out new stuff!) and every single dish was on point. I wasn't super hungry but I made sure to try everything. Of course, my favorite was the truffle baked mac (i'm biased, I love anything truffle) and their desserts! Don't forget to try their guava yakult drink too 8-)

Visit LE PETIT SOUFFLE at Century City Mall Makati.

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