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Wednesday, June 3, 2015 —


Walk with confidence and keep your head up high with Safeguard's DERMA SENSE! :)

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The heat this past few months is INSANE. Personally, I never get breakouts. Not unless I have my period. But I noticed that when the summer season started, I started breaking out. It’s because of the intense heat, sweat, and dirt around me. I panicked when I started noticing it. I tried using my usual facial wash but nothing happened. 


Thankfully, I discovered Safeguard’s new Derma Sense line (For sensitive and acne prone skin). I checked out their face and body wash (for acne prone skin) that gently cleanses acne prone skin. So it’s safe for the face but can also be used for the body. One thing I liked about this product is that it’s affordable. Most acne cleansers out there are pricey but this is just priced right. I trust the Safeguard brand so I took the risk and tried their Derma Sense line. I noticed that it really reduces acne. I mean it’s not like a magical wash that can make your zits go away, but you will really see the difference. The redness of the pimples will fade and I noticed that it makes my skin less oily (I have oily skin that contributes to the breakout as well.) Also love the refreshing formula of this product. It has eucalyptus that’s perfect for the crazy summer heat!

I’ll update you guys about my Derma Sense experience in my next blog post!

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For more info about the Derma Sense line, please check out Safeguard's facebook page and website.

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