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Tuesday, July 14, 2015 —


Hello, hello!

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Top - some store in Platinum mall Bangkok
Shorts - some store in Arizona
Espadrilles - Aldo

So I just got back from El Nido and I'm currently at work (my new job which I'm going to write about soon). It's been a while since I posted an OOTD here. I don't even know what to say. Should I explain this outfit? Or what I did during the day I wore this? Problem is, I stopped being "creative" when it comes to dressing up. My go-to outfits now are shorts & top or pants. When I started blogging, I remember shopping like crazy, having shoot schedules for my blog, passionately writing about fashion... Ahhh. I didn't even repeat clothes before! 4 years later, things REALLY have changed. I don't shop that much anymore, I've become too lazy to shoot my OOTDs (I just use my iPhone)... and I repeat outfits now! Hahah :D I don't know if I already mentioned it before but I have transitioned from being a fashion blogger to a lifestyle blogger now. I want my blog to be focused on travel, new restaurants, foodtrips, random musings. I mean I'll still post OOTDs but not to the point my blog is just going to revolve around fashion.

I really really really hope I get to update this website more often. :)

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