Bali day 2

Friday, August 28, 2015 —


Discovering the streets of Seminyak

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The advantage of having long vacations is that you get to really explore the place without having to worry about limited time. I don't like going to a certain country/place and just spending 4-5 days there. BITIN! Haha. A week seems long for others but for me, it's SOOOOO short. You can't fully immerse yourself in their culture with that short amount of time. 2 weeks is pretty ideal especially if you have a full-time/office job. But if I was given the luxury of time (and funds lol), I would go on a vacation for 2-3 months. HAHAHA.

Anyway, these are my WAYYYY overdue Bali pics! I'd probably be blogging about Bali till September. :p For our day 2, we just went around Seminyak. Brunch in this hipster restaurant, spent the afternoon in W, then had dinner at Potato Head Beach Club.

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xx Happy long weekend everyone xx

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