Bali : Ku De Ta

Monday, August 24, 2015 —


First night in Bali

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I can't believe I stopped posting travel photodiaries. What is up with me and my extreme laziness towards editing photos, uploading, and typing here in blogspot?? :/ BER months are about to start and I still have tons of travel diaries to post! Bali was my first trip this 2015. Spent like a week in this beautiful and chill country with my gradeschool bestfriend Linny. I just arrived from Japan and Linny is leaving for Laos on thursday. Seriously crossing my fingers we spend Christmas/NewYear somewhere far far away. I wonder where. Suggestions?

Anyway, I will try to write sensible blog entries soon. Brain's just a bit clouded and... dark. Just like these photos. Lol

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