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Tuesday, October 20, 2015 —


I finally #feelthelove! ;) I found THE ONE!

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Okay before you guys think this is about my lovelife, nope, it's not :P (that aspect is totally nonexistent in my life right now hahah lol)

GIRLS! Before, I used to be really cranky whenever I get my period. If I had the chance to just stay at home, I would. This monthly girly pain is such a hassle and I don't like the feeling of being uncomfortable and too careful with how I move to avoid messy situations (if you know what I mean).


But finally, I tried this new product called Whisper Skin Love. I know you guys know this brand but this specific line is a new product from Japan. It promises 3x absorbency and 1/3 thinness so it's less bulky. This means it's soft and has no stuffy feeling. Of course, I didn't want to believe this at first. Because with my heavy flow, I always expect my sanitary pads to disappoint me (in my head, it's not their fault haha!). But this week I got to try the new Whisper Skin Love and man, I AM IMPRESSED. I survived my period without feeling scared that my napkin is going to fail me. Plus I was able to move a lot without worrying about leaks. So comfy!

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Seriously happy I switched to WHISPER SKIN LOVE :) I can finally say hello to my monthly period with confidence!


Top from Forever 21, jeans from Topshop, heels from Zara, shades from Rayban

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  1. Love the colors talaga of fall <3
    I'll try nga that Whisper variant :)


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