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Tuesday, October 27, 2015 —


Quick trip to KIEHL's Greenbelt last week! :)


White polo from Giordano, pants from Topshop, bag and heels from SM Parisian


Don't know if I mentioned that recently, I've been so obsessed with skin care. This 2015 was such a bad year for my skin. I don't know what happened (stress I guess?) but my skin was at its worst state. I've tried so many products to fix it but none helped. Just 2 weeks ago I went to AIVEE TEO's clinic to finally have a serious consultation about my skin. I did acne detox and laser :) It's been 2 weeks and my skin finally got clearer! 


So after seeing that my skin finally got better, I went to Kiehl's to find more products that can further beautify my skin. I only want the best now (I settled for cheap products but sadly it destroyed my skin) so I visited KIEHL's Greenbelt 5.


I've been hearing about this brand for years already. Since I had good skin years ago, I didn't bother going inside to check their products. But because I am so inspired to make my skin look better, I went here and had a skin test!


Of course I already know what they're going to say about my face. It's oily! Because of that, I'm acne prone. Actually, for the past few days I haven't been breaking out. I just have a lot of scars/marks because of pricking (so never prick your pimples, guys!!!). I checked out KIEHL's top 10 products that can help my skin look better.


I'm not surprised their MIDNIGHT RECOVERY CONCENTRATE is top 1! I've heard so many good reviews about this and I can't wait to try it! They say it's magical but we'll see because my skin is so sensitive. 


These are the other top products of Kiehl's! I want a lot from these but I'll show you guys what I got. I'm sure the initial reaction is "it's too expensive!" but I swear, it's worth it :)


For acne-prone people like me, they have this blue herbal line that can help prevent and treat pimples!


They also have stuff for babies! How awesome is that??

20 19 18 17 15 16

I spent hours checking out all the products. :))


And if you guys think KIEHL's is only for girls, nope! They have a mens line, too! :)


Here's AJ Dee having a skin consultation! Hi Papi :p


Since Christmas is nearing, Kiehl's also has gift packs you can give to your friends and family! :)


Alright, so what products did I get? Of course their MIDNIGHT RECOVERY CONCENTRATE (perfect for people who don't get enough sleep but wants to look fresh when they wake up), CLEARLY CORRECTIVE DARK SPOT SOLUTION (I need this because of my dark spots/scars/pimple marks) and the ULTRA FACIAL CREAM (probably the best moisturizer out there because this was tested in Mt. Everest!).

12 8

So far I didn't breakout from using the ultra facial cream! :) I have yet to try the midnight concentrate and dark spot solution! I'll let you guys know the results. But my friends who started using these said Kiehl's products work like magic :D If you guys don't believe me, you can always google for more reviews! :P


Thank you KIEHL's for the super fun skin session! :D Lesson learned... Invest on your skin :) Especially for people my age (I'm 26 :o) because we're not getting any younger and of course, we all want to have clear and youthful skin!

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