Thursday, November 12, 2015 —


A quick trip to a classic shoe store in Glorietta 5! 


Classics. I can't remember when I started falling inlove with minimalism that led me to my love affair with classic pieces. My shoe weakness? LOAFERS. I think 90% of my shoe racks are filled with them!

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Speaking of classics, I dropped by HUSH PUPPIES Glorietta 5 last week to check out their collection for this season.

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They have a lot of minimalist shoes for girls/women...

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And for boys/men too!

15 7

Sharing to you guys my top faves for women and men! LOAFERS overload! :P And obviously, I am inlove with neutrals/brown! Fall colors ftw! :P

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Coat/jacket - Forever 21
Top and shorts - Zara
Loafers - Hush puppies
Sunnies - borrowed from Jas :p


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