Thursday, November 19, 2015 —


IT'S NEAR, IT'S NEAR!!!!! What is? :))

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If I can describe my vibe this year through pictures, it would probably the 3 photos above. 2015 wasn't exactly the best year. Every aspect felt like "try and try until you... cry" kind of feeling. I was talking to my cousin earlier today and we promised that before the year ends, we would turn this around. I think I'll start with not being a robot when it comes to living my life because I feel like my life is starting to get TOO stagnant. In short, BORING. I think Christmas season is the perfect time to change things up. I don't want to be the grinch anymore!!!

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Speaking of Christmas, I attended the Ayala Christmas Malls launch 2 weeks ago in Fairmont. This is the first time I realized "shit, this year is ending and I have to do something MORE with my life". This was such a light and happy event. Went with Ana and Mama Sarah (my blog kabarkadas), ate good food, listened to the performers who will also be having shows in various Ayala Malls. AND I GOT TO MEET...




He was so game to take lots of photos. Please excuse the fangirl in me because THIS GUY IS MY DREAMBOY and I'm not really shy to type it here in my blog. Lol


I'm sure there are thousands of girls who are also dying to meet this guy, so good news! Piolo is going to perform in Ayala Malls this Christmas season. PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT, right?? :P


Top and cullotes from Forever 21, shoes from SM Parisian


Anyway, I really don't know how to end this blog post. Because there are so many things in my head right now and I think I totally lost my sense of coherence. One of my Christmas wishes is to get my blogging mojo back! Pray for me guys :P

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