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Sunday, November 15, 2015 —


A day full of learnings and pampering with my Whisper Skin Love family.


Last friday the 13th, I braved the traffic to attend the launch of the new WHISPER SKIN LOVE. Well, it was definitely worth the traffic :)





The event was held in CHI SPA Edsa Shangri-La hotel. The food was DIVINE! Yummers!


A doctor talked about the science behind menstruation and the dos and don'ts to help you not let your period bother you! Sure I know some of these but there are a lot of things she said that will surely help me in the future! Really informative :)


Having a reliable pad is needed for a travel addict like me. I love going on adventures & roadtrips and sometimes, it's my time of the month when I do these things.


Before I wasn't too conscious when it comes to buying napkins but then I became "maarte" when I started feeling uncomfortable with my old pad. It felt heavy and icky!


Good thing I discovered Whisper Skin Love. It's so thin and you can barely feel the pad! But I'm sure you guys will question the absorbency of the product. I had doubts about this before but when I tried it, it didn't fail me!


Not convinced? They showed us brand x versus Whisper Skin Love and they cut the pad in half to see how absorbent Whisper Skin Love is! Brand x didn't fully absorb the liquid so it just stayed on top. But look at Whisper Skin Love! It absorbed the liquid SO well (parang equally distributed haha) Everyone was so amazed with this demo!


After all the scientific learnings, we got to meet the newest endorser of Whisper Skin Love: Isabelle Daza! This girl does A LOT of things. She's a celebrity slash athlete who loves to travel! With this hectic schedule, she should be able to move around and be at her best even when it's the time of the month!


Super cute cos she loves this product so much!:) I know Belle is the type of person who only endorses products she truly believes in! So you can trust Whisper Skin Love to never disappoint you! :)


After the event, we were treated to a body scrub at Chi Spa!!!

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Thank you WHISPER SKIN LOVE for this amazing friday! :)



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Top and skirt - Zara
Backpack and shoes - Debenhams


Happy weekend everyone!

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