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Sunday, November 1, 2015 —


HAHA LOL AT WIFEY! Well not really, but hey... someday I would be needing these skills right? :p Check out the first ever cooking session (with Purefoods Bacon) I've attended!


Last friday, while everyone was out partying and drinking (typical friday night life), I was at Back of the House Loyola Heights QC. I think I'm done with going out (I'm the type of person who doesn't enjoy parties and drinking; I have an intense abhorrence for clubs/bars just because 1) I hate the noise --- how can you even talk to your friends 2) in most of these establishments you can smoke --- i loathe smoking and i have weak lungs. 3) I don't like the feeling of being hungover. SO ANYWAY my point is, I felt like I needed to do something productive every weekend. I mean I enjoy staying in my room just watching series or reading books (!!!) but I've always had this dream to become a masterchef. Haha I'm not kidding! So when Purefoods Bacon invited us for a night of cooking bacon dishes... OF COURSE I WAS SO GAME! Bacon + cooking = WIN!


So we cooked 3 dishes that night! I don't know how to explain to you guys my excitement when I saw the board, the kitchen, the chefs... I was too happy! It's my dream :p I'm just too lazy to make it happen hehe 


This Chef from Purefoods were explaining the dishes we were gonna prepare for that night. I didn't know Purefoods Bacon had a lot of variants. I'm not experimental with my bacon, I like it simple and plain. But this night made my love for Bacon stronger!!! :P


First dish: Duo of liver and bacon. I've never been a fan of liver. I don't like eating it eventhough it's healthy and I need it (I have iron deficiency and apparently, eating liver helps improve this). But sadly, I never encountered a yummy liver dish (Except for foie gras --- which is too expensive I can't eat this everyday hahaha). But cooking this dish made me change my view about liver! 


So we used Purefoods Bacon's spicy barbeque for this dish. It's so simple to make actually! Wrap the liver with bacon, cook it, drizzle truffle oil, put pesto & alfalfa sprouts on top, and then add mango syrup. IT WAS SO GOOD. I'm not biased because I cooked it hahahaha but us liver haters (lol) appreciated this! Most liver dishes have an overpowering quality but not this one. The bacon's flavor was magnified and the truffle surely helped this dish become 10 times yummier!


Second dish we created was Classic Cioppino. Bacon with seafood? YES PLEASE! This was Paul's favorite.


Hello Mr. Feeling Chef hahaha


Tomato based soup, veggies, seafood (crabs, mussels). I just struggled with slicing/cutting the ingredients but it was worth it! Turned out to be really promising --- pwede pang restaurant! Yes, confidence guys! Hahaha


Please don't judge. It's my first time (in a very long time) to use a knife/try to cook something :P


Third dish we made was pasta with bacon (We used the honey roast thick cut Purefoods bacon). GRABE. Ang sarap ok!!! I'm so used to eating bacon na crispy and thin strips so sobrang heavenly nito!!!


Had to cook separate bacon strips na pinapak ko lang while I was cooking this pasta! :))



11 14 12

So pwede na ba ako mag-asawa guys??? WAHAHA KIDDING!


Leche flan with BACON and mango. Yes! sounds weird but sobrang sarap!!! Ayos talaga pag pinaghalo yun salty and sweet :)


I don't have much photos because we were busy cooking talaga that night! :) Thank you PUREFOODS BACON for this super fun and challenging cooking class! :D They gave us loads of bacon too (literally brought home the bacon hehe lol) so I guess I'll be cooking bacon dishes soon! I promise to blog about it. New calling haha naks!

Chef Tracy, signing off :P

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