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Tuesday, December 29, 2015 —


Office outfits when I was still a digital advertising kid + kwentos :P

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You might be surprised. Huh? Office outfits? Then why are the first few photos located in Sky Ranch Tagaytay? Well, we had an Away Day (like an out of town bonding session) during my first week as an account executive in this amazing digital advertising firm. If you follow me on twitter/instagram, you'd know that I only did this for 3 months because I went back to my old job as a stylist/writer :) But I just want to share with you guys bits of my 3-month advertising life :D

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So there was the "Away Day" that I will never forget. It was my first time to bond with my officemates. It's been a while since I had officemates. Well you see, I work as a freelance writer and stylist for magazines. My editors that I work closely with, I have known since highschool because I started writing for that publishing house when I was seventeen.

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After 4 years of freelance life, I tried working for a digital advertising agency as an Account Executive. I didn't have any experience with ad agencies because my first job was PR for Summit Media then I became a freelance writer/stylist. So I was really nervous with everything. Going to the office from 9-6, attending meetings/pitches, studying the intricate world of digital. As an account executive, I was always in front of my laptop, answering emails and calls from clients, going out of the office for meetings etc. 

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Super hectic schedule so whenever we have time, my officemate Rhea (who is also a blogger!) and I would go to the rooftop and shoot OOTDs :)) Hence, the photodump of outfits here! Hehe.

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Really enjoyed going to work events and talking to clients. This outfit I wore to a focus group discussion for a brand who wants to have a music festival next year.

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Brainstorming, lunchbreak with my work buddies, after-work hangouts... Funtimes! So why did I leave? Well, I just realized this career path isn't for me. I had a hard time deciding about this cos I got attached to my officemates and clients already --- they're all SUPER fun and easy to work with! But I knew deep inside I wanted to go back to the publishing/fashion world, so I did. It has been 2 months since my last day in this digital agency but I'm really, really grateful for the knowledge and wisdom my bosses shared to me.

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I don't regret working in this advertising agency. I've always been curious about this career path so I'm really happy I got to try it. At first I got disappointed with myself when I realized this is not what I want but hey, I guess I'm still figuring things out and it's okay to have "trial and error" stages in your life. I don't know what's next for me; will I be a writer/stylist forever? or will I shift to a different job (but still in the fashion industry). I also want a business so we'll see :) Praying that my career desires will be aligned with God's desires for me! :)

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