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Sunday, December 27, 2015 —


How I spent my 26th birthday (eeer I'm old) :/

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This post is 6 months late! HAHAHA! Turned 26 last June 24. A random fact about me: I loathe celebrating my birthday. I don't see the point of celebrating "oldness" hahaha but I'm trying to change that thinking. I should thank God for blessing me another year of existence here on earth!

This year, I did my usual hotel staycation with my close buds! Last year we stayed in Azumi hotel in Alabang, but since this was a last minute thing, I just searched for the nearest hotel near my house (haha) it's actually Edsa Shang but I didn't want to spend that much so I chose Privato Hotel. I think I only paid 3500 for the room? Not too sure :)) Can't remember but it's really cheap and I like the location (near Kapitolyo/Capitol Commons). 

Arrived there first then one of my bestfriends, Jas, had a presscon there so she ordered pizza and we just ate inside the room. My gradeschool bestfriend Linny followed after :) Fun fact: I have 6 bestfriends! Lin (gradeschool bestfriend), Joven (highschool bestfriend), Kara (theater bestfriend), Joh and Iks (college bestfriends) and Jas (my bestfriend boyfriend? LOL!) WALA LANG GUYS. Sharing! :))

One big anyway... my other friends arrived around dinner time so we decided to do a birthday salubong in Tipsy Pig. It was pretty chill! Except for the part the guy I dated (past tense HEHE) showed up and my friends were all hating on him so it was VERY awkward! HAHAHA.

3 of my friends (Lin, Joh, Joa) slept over. We just swam and chilled the next day! Never liked big celebrations anyway. I'm all for intimate bonding sessions :P Ate in Caliburger with my dad for my birthday dinner. Nothing fancy because I was just craving for burger and fries that time :)) After dinner, Maui (one of my kabarkadas) and I had milk and cookies (YES IM A LOLA) at Hole in the Wall then we watched an Up Dharma Down gig at 12 monkeys!

I can honestly say I loved my uber chill 26th birthday celebration! Can't believe I'm turning 27 next year :o WHUTS?!

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  1. Oh. I thought you're a December baby, too. Haha! Anyway, hope you had a great day and advance happy new year! ♥


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