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Saturday, December 26, 2015 —


Randomosity at it's finest!

I remember... this chill night with my bestfriends in Refinery! Haha monkey emoji pose for the win! :P


I remember... Lissa giving me a sermon "don't take him back na!" in Greenbelt... while shopping/attending events. Haha mommy LK! :))


I remember... waking up in Antipolo with my highschool barkada! Slept over Jesse's resthouse. Sarap magbreakfast dito :)


I remember... having bible study with my dgroup in a coffee shop in Promenade! I think this is inside Fully Booked :)


I remember... going to Alabang with my cousin Trish to have lunch in Yushoken! Our first time there :)

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And of course, since we were already in Alabang, we went to Neil's Kitchen for dessert! Love this place:)


I remember... taking the sister and cousin of the guy I dated to my cousin's nail salon! :)) Funny day/ night because I finally saw the guy after almost a month of snobbing him since i had to bring the kids back to his condo! Lol


I remember... being so haggard here because we had a whole day shoot :)) NGARAG! hahahha

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I remember... playing with Mogwai for the first time ever! I'm usually scared of animals but he seemed harmless so I ended up cuddling with this furball!


I remember... having lunch in Dean and Deluca with my bestie Mico then he said "let's go to Zara and you can shop whatever you like!" he felt like treating me so he did :)) FUN DAY!!!!


I remember... going to Palace Pool Club for the first time ever! Chill afternoon with Jazzy then we went to Black Market after. (Rare moment because I'm FOREVER lazy to go to bars) :))


I remember... going to Toby's Century Mall to just read a book and be... ALONE. Emo time? HAHAHA. More like quiet time :p

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I remember... trying on these hats for fun during a shoot! Pulled them out for work, ended up using them for my OOTD photos lol

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I remember... Jas dragging me to a salo-salo with her ate's barkada! I can never forget that truffle lechon!!!!! SOBRANG SARAP.


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I remember... taking my OOTDs inside fitting rooms because I didn't have a friend/photographer with me. HAHA! And I was pretty desperate for an instagram photo. Lol


I remember... watching my bestfriend's first play (Sandbox No Filter)! ANG GALING NIYA!!! So proud :) And I really liked the play because nakarelate ako hahaha

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I remember... tambays with Jas at Ate Anne's condo because sobrang sarap ng food niya! We would watch series, sleep, and just be bums there :D Haha!

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I remember... visiting DLSU with my officemate because she had to get her yearbook! So sumama ako because I miss college life. WOW. Hahaha! Lakas ko mag reminisce ng araw na to! Whew. 

Grabe. Saya pala mag post ng random photos talking about the most random things in the world! :)) 

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