Tuesday, January 5, 2016 —


Swim and Yoga time!

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Sportsbra and shorts both from Adidas / Swimsuit from Roxy

This 2016, I promise myself that I'll eat better and workout more. If last year was all about pigging out (huhuhu), I swear this year I'll change that! I was too lazy to go to the gym last year. For some weird reason I stopped boxing and yoga (I think because nagkalovelife ako nun 2015 and we just kept eating out haha lol!) =))

I swear I'll eat properly (less carbs and sweets!) and exercise at least 4 times a week! I want to be a regular at Life Yoga, join marathons (therefore train like Daisy Ridley hehe), go back to boxing/muay thai, and hopefully, find a new football team who I can train with! Actually I want to try new sports also. Suggestions, anyone? :)

Shucks, so many plans! Deeds, not words Trace!!!!! PRAYING I GET TO DO THESE! :D Especially the eat clean part. That's so hard for me because I love rice / carbs / sweets. HUHUHU. But you know what???? FIGHT!!!!! I'll be stronger and better this 2016!

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