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Sunday, February 7, 2016 —


We're already done with the first month of the year??? Wait, WHAT?!?! 

2016, please slow down!

Hello from a month-long hiatus!

I decided to finally go back to my old-school blogging style. Meaning, just photodumping and writing random kwentos here. For years, I became a robot; just doing outfit posts because it gives me good blog statistics. But then I got feedback from some concerned readers (love you guys) that my blog is becoming too commercialized; in short I have to stop being a stat slave. Of course, I am fully aware my blog gives me work. But I don't want my content to be compromised anymore. 

One big anyway, here's what happened during the first 2 weeks of my January (the last 2 weeks were spent in Vietnam and Bohol so that's going to be a different post!) and first week of February!

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Steph's despedida with my cousins Trish and Ches + adopted Aysons Anna and Dani :p She went to New York a month ago and I can't wait to visit her this June!!! Hihi 


Fasting week in CCF. Before I flew to Vietnam, we had fasting week in CCF. I only ate fruits and veggies that week (no sweets, carbs, meat etc!!) & went to church everyday. Didn't think I would last but I did. All by grace :)

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As soon as I got back from Bohol, I went straight to my babygirl's prom in Edsa Shang! Love you banana!!! :)

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OOTD time! Jasmine's Topshop sweater (haha yes we borrow clothes from each other), Topshop pants, Sperry shoes, and Zara bag. Shot this at Ayala Triangle where I attended...

14 15

The Humans of Makati exhibit.


by Xyza Cruz Bacani featuring random Humans of Makati!

16 17 18

So proud of Thea & Gab and Thysz! :) These ultra creative people deserve to be recognized!

19 20 21 22 23 24 25

These are my favorites :) Please take time to read their descriptions. Daming quotable quotes! :P


Then we tried making our own version of "Humans of Makati" :)) Okay na ba? HAHAHA buwis buhay shot!


"I am always in a rush with everything but this year I am finally learning how to slow down & be patient and accept some things take time." Quote kuno ko hahahahhaa


Tried to take a photo of Ana and Ava din :) So many instagrammable spots in Makati!


Finally went back to boxing nadin!! With Ted who's super into it (please see guy in the background) sana lang I don't get lazy. Huhu. 


I rarely go out at night (because I'm too tired from work or just plain lazy and so into Netflix/iflix) but I did last Wednesday to watch my friends' gig in Brewery! Always and forever a fan of Sponge boys! Here's a blurry photo with K who's supporting her misto Y! So cute :)


After a morning of pullouts, had lunch in Yabu with Lissa + charcoal yogurt from BLK 513!! Sobrang sarap I'm craving right now!


Then we went to Sip and Gogh Kapitolyo for the Make Up Forever event :) Where they introduced the new PRO-SCULPT line! Super amazing it gives you a natural contour (unlike Kim K's mega obvious makeup!). 


We also had a fun painting activity while drinking wine + munching on these! :)

40 41

Lissa + Tracy :)) Feel na feel namin eh! Hahaha I swear this is such a great stress reliever!


Hindi ko na-career :( But okay na! I had tons of fun doing this!




Flatlay :P Here's the new and improved Candy Magazine with Kendall Jenner on the cover! I've always been a candy baby (I used to write for them when I was in highschool --- Candy council of cool batch 7 baby!) so I'm super happy they have a new logo by the awesome Abbey Sy :)

Plus some new cool products I got this week: Revlon matte balm lippies, Kiehl's corrective serum/moisturizer, Make Up Forever pro-sculpt line and Nivea loot (I'm going to blog about the Nivea event in Bohol this week!) :D Thank you brands!!

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Also went back to Yoga. I don't think I announced it already but I'm super happy because LIFE YOGA fort got me as their brand ambassador! :) So watch out for more yoga/fitness related blog posts this year! And who knows, I might also post workout routines... :P


After a crazy first week of February, I'm glad I got to do a quick getaway with Lissa and Santi! Lissa and I want to make the most of our weekends so we plan to do out of town escapades every weekend! Suggestions are welcome (Where we can go / what we can do) :D 

So that's what I've been doing with my life! Toodles! :)

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