Bohol escapade with Nivea

Monday, February 15, 2016 —


3-day escape in Bohol with Nivea Philippines!


Only had 1 day of rest in Manila before I flew to Bohol. Had an 8-day trip to Vietnam (will blog about it soon, cross your fingers people haha) and mind you, it was winter in Hanoi. My immune system almost failed me but nothing could stop me from enjoying the beach and the sun with NIVEA!


Waiting for boarding with my Mama Sarah! Definitely not a morning person. Was too sungit that day haha!


Here's Vince being artsy! Hahaha!


Ok, so quick plane story. We left Manila and the weather was PERFECT. Didn't expect it was raining hard in Bohol to the point our plane couldn't land in Tagbilaran airport due to zero visibility. We had to do an emergency landing in Mactan Cebu because of that! The turbulence was HORRIBLE. I was so nervous. Eventhough I love traveling, I absolutely ABHOR plane rides. Just because I'm too paranoid of plane crashes and whatnot (blame the show LOST for this intense fear) haha! Anyway, we left Manila around 8am and I think we FINALLY got to land in Bohol (after two tries) around lunchtime.


First stop? Bohol Bee Farm for late lunch!


Awesome view while having lunch :) 

9 10

Gwaps naman! Hi Vince and AJ!


Was welcome by the NIVEA team while having lunch! :) Again, big thanks to Nivea for flying us! :)

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Exploring Bohol Bee Farm. We only stayed here for 1 hour due to time constraint. I definitely wanna go back!


After Bohol Bee Farm, they took us to BELLEVUE HOTEL. I didn't get to take photos during the PR session but basically, we were taught about the science of sunblock. I needed this lecture because I am always too lazy to apply sunblock before hitting the beach/pool. Actually, we also need sunblock whenever we go out/stay under the sun! Whew. Really thankful to Nivea for reminding me about this!

18 19 20

After the PR session, we FINALLY checked in. Super loved our room (was roomies with Mama Sarah) and was surprised by NIVEA goodies! :D


After getting settled, we went to the resto inside Bellevue to have dinner. Almost all my blogger friends drank after dinner but I decided to head back to the room because 1) was too tired and I needed sleep 2) I don't drink anyway hahahaha! :)) Lola vibes much?!


Next day was FULL OF ACTIVITIES! Too bad it was raining :(


We left Bellevue around 7am to go to an adventure park where we did extreme activities. Our team got the "land challenges". I don't have photos of the place because we had to leave our camera in the lobby area because it was raining hard. But basically, we crossed hanging bridges, some did zipline bike, etc. I didn't finish the challenge because my fear of heights kicked in :)) HAHAHA! I'm glad my groupmates understood!

2425 2627 2829 3031 3233

As for the other teams who got the "water challenge", they went to Bohol Beach Club. It was super sunny in their area! JEALOUS! Got these photos from Mama Sarah and Mama Danika :P


Went back to Bellevue around 1130am! Just in time for lunch :) 


Went back to my room to re-apply sunblock. You have to do it at least every 2 hours!


After our quick chill time, we had another PR session. NIVEA introduced their new campaign and these dolls who turn red under the sun if they don't have sunblock. Awesome, right?! Everyone was so amazed with this! We got to take home our own dolls! Here's Vince's sunburnt boy doll and my girl doll! We applied sunblock to them after, don't worry :P

40 38 39

It was a quick PR session so we got to chill after!!! And take A LOT of photos :)) Off shoulder top from Twill Cavern, lace shorts from Forever 21 and shades from Nava.


Outfit number 2! Looking for a spot...


Testing if the light is good here... HAHAHA SORRY FOR THIS POSE! I tend to do this when I get awkward. I'm weird. Lol

44 45


46 47

With my dgroup mama, Danika!! :)

48 49 50

Artsy shots with Vince! Haha. Achieve ba?


The talented girl, Ida. :)

52 53 54

Photoshoot pa more! Sorry? Not. Wahahaha.



I love taking sky/cloud photos! My fujifilm x-a2 captures em perfectly :)


With Manila's most artsy girls: Ida, Yuki, Dan and Camie!


Of silhouettes and sunset :)


Didn't have photos of the party during our last night. As usual, I didn't drink and just stayed by the pool with my blog barkada then eventually went up to our rooms to just talk and chill. So elated I got to go to this trip / mini vacay :) 


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