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Monday, March 14, 2016 —


You must do 2 things! :P


I don't know about you but I always do 2 things before hitting the beach! It's beauty-related actually! I mean, I know the beach is all about chilling and relaxing, but of course you want to look good in those beach photos right? :P lol!

Any guesses where I go and what I do before a beach trip? :D


I don't know if anyone guessed it but I always go to Strip and Browhaus before hitting the beach. :)

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I go to Strip for brazilian wax to make sure I'm hair-free and have the confidence to wear my bikini! :) I'm very picky when it comes to waxing salons especially I get awkward and I'm super OC with everything. I want to the best so I go to Strip! All their waxers are well-trained and have certificates to do this. 5 stars for professionalism! 

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And if you're wondering what kind of services I avail at Browhaus (that is beach-related), I do my eyebrows threading + eyelash extensions there! I don't like messy eyebrows and I need those eyelash extensions for the "parang nag make-up" look cos I don't wear any makeup in the beach! :)) So vain but it doesn't hurt if you want to look good anywhere, anytime right? :P

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Thanks Browhaus and Strip for always taking care of me! And speaking of the beach, another thing you need to do is to EXERCISE + DIET! I haven't gone to the gym for 2 weeks now so this is a "note to self" kind of blogpost! So many beach trips, so little time! NEED TO PREP SOON! :P

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