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Thursday, March 10, 2016 —


The day Lissa and I became kids again at Jumpyard :P


I've been too stiff and serious lately because adulthood is hard (!!!) so I thought, I needed a break from all the stress! Shopping is not an option because I'm saving up for the future so I thought, why not go to a playground... ish? :P


Say hello to Jumpyard! It is located beside Tiendesitas / Fun Ranch in Pasig. Basic stuff you need to know: they're open everyday from 12pm to 9pm. Entrance fee is P250 from Mon-Thurs and P350 from Fri-Sun and holidays.


Safety (and hygiene) first! Jumpyard gives you socks that you have to wear. Tip: wear comfortable clothes. Preferably workout clothes because you will sweat a lot from all the activities :P


Trampoline + foam pit!


Didn't get to try this because I was too tired already /lola haha


CHALLENGING!!! So hard to dunk! Thank you trampoline for the support :))))


Monkey bars, wall climbing, and more foam pit!!!!!! This was the most tiring part for me HAHA!


Open jump trampoline with my new friends: kids :P Haha!


Jump and slide! :)


Didn't get to try this part too because you need a team to play dodge ball :P Can't wait to bring my friends here so we can do this!


Are you ready to see our photos? :)) HAHAHA YOU BE THE JUDGE IF WE HAD FUN! :P

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Foam pit. We spent more than 30 minutes in here. I don't know why it took us that long, maybe because Lissa and I were taking so much photos :)) You will really "swim" through these foams and get tired. Exercise :P

a11 a12a13

This is me aiming for a REALLY, REALLY high jump. I don't have videos because Lissa and I just asked the kuyas to take our photos. HAHAHA! Imagine us two, jumping like crazy while talking / laughing. Talk about multi-tasking!

a14 a15 a16 a17

Jump high in the trampoline then dive into the foam pit! Gymnastics 101 :))


My other favorite part! Wall climbing + foam pit!

a21a22 a23a24

LOOKS EASY but it's so tiring I swear. I don't know if I just lack exercise or it's just really hard haha!


MADE IT TO THE TOP! :P I actually jumped (eventhough I have fear of heights). Lissa took a video of me jumping and guess what? I covered my nose. HAHAHAHAHA! I don't know why I did but all the kuyas were laughing at me! "Maam, tubig??" I seriously don't know why I did it! Perhaps reflex? Hehe.


That kid beat me :P I fell off the monkey bars agad haha!

a27a28 a29

Slamdunk basketball! Again, this may look easy but I got so scared to touch the ring. I shall try it next time :)) The ball went in though!


This was such a fun bonding activity! Lissa and I are the type of friends who like discovering/trying new things so playing around Jumpyard was really awesome! :) Feels so good to act like a kid again! With all the responsibilities and challenges of being an adult, it's nice to take a break from the real world and just be silly at Jumpyard! Definitely one for the books =) I suggest you bring your friends and family here! No age limit :p As long as you're fit, you're good to go!


Can't wait to go back at Jumpyard with my barkada!! Woohoo! :D

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