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Monday, March 7, 2016 —


I’ve always been curious about tv commercials and how talents & production team endure the long hours on set. Luckily, weeks ago, I got the chance to experience it!

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It was a payday Friday and I had tons of work in the morning. Calltime for the BLUE quick “commercial shoot” was at 2pm and I was stressing out because I still had a lot of errands before the said shoot. But I think the odds were in my favor because I arrived in the location on time! It wasn’t really a big shoot, just a small one with a director telling us what to do, how to act, how to move. We didn’t have to say anything so it was pretty easy. It was such an awesome experience eventhough I felt a little bit awkward with all the people watching us (Ana and I) do our pa-cute moves with our BLUE drink!

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It was actually my first time to try the BLUE. It’s a water based flavored drink. I had the calamansi flavor and I swear I can drink it all day! It was so refreshing and it definitely energized me after all the work and stress I felt during the morning! From drained to recharged, I truly felt fully alive with Blue! I think this is perfect for people who don’t like drinking water because it tastes “boring” :)) I swear you’ll enjoy every sip of Blu!

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