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Sunday, May 8, 2016 —

Guess who's back... back again :P

I haven't exercised for (x) months because I'm always too lazy before and after work :/ I became super unhealthy (sleeping and eating late) to the point I got sick and was rushed to the hospital :O After that scary trip to the ER, I swore to myself (and to my super worried parents) that I will be healthier! 

I went back to LIFE YOGA

Also, exercising is not enough! You also have to eat well.

So I signed up for meal plans at YUMMY DIET!

I got the low carb high protein meal plan at 1500 calories (rates start 500 a day or 2500 for 5 days). They also have 1800 calories for this meal plan. Super yummy. It didn't taste like the usual "diet food" :) I'm very picky when it comes to what I eat (i lose appetite easily) so the flavor of the food is really important for me. And for the price, it's really worth it! :D

They also have 5 day low calorie meal plans (1200/1500/1800 calories and rates start at P380 per day or P1900 for 5 days). I have been on yummydiet for 2 weeks already but these are just my photos because I'm always in a hurry to eat them :)) 

Some of the meal plans they prepared for me! :D Everything tasted so good!

PLUS, they surprised me with this "BOX OF WELLNESS" package. It's their complimentary gift to their clients :)

So what's inside? Over Php5000 worth of products rom Nestle, Mentos, El Real, Blue, Swish, Mega sardines, Vitamilk, Magic flakes, Coco fresh, Great Taste and a whole lot more!

Plus services/GCs/discount coupons! :D How cool is this right? :)

My definition of being fit and healthy is not all about losing weight / getting abs. I want to live a healthy and long life without having to worry about what's happening inside my body (cos I'm such a sickly person huhu)! Also, I want a better and brighter outlook in life!

Hope this post serves as a reminder for you guys to prioritize your health! Never take it for granted :)

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