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Monday, May 16, 2016 —


Who loves summer? *raises hand*

I love going to the beach! I don't know how many times a year I go to the beach to surf, swim or just chill. 

There are days the heat is tolerable but this summer, it feels like the sun is trying to fry us! :/ 

I try to beat the heat by swimming but then I end up getting really dark :)) (Sometimes I forget to put sunblock which is super bad!)

Bikini from CESA PH

But you know what? I still stay under the sun for hours! =)) Trying to get the perfect tan but I always end up looking like chocolate :P

And I can swim from morning till late afternoon! In the beach and the pool alternately till I get tired!

Or till sunset! I mean, who wants to miss this picturesque view right?!

Good thing there's a solution to my extreme love for the beach/sun! I don't mind getting dark but then sometimes because of the bikini, I have so many tan lines. Talk about uneven skin tone or spots! Yikes!

I use these KOJIE SAN products (soap, toner, lightening lotion & cream) to even out my skin tone! :) For more info about the products, click HERE :) I blogged about them a month ago! 

Bikini from CESA PH

Been using them for a month already and I really see the effect! Eventhough I've been to the beach twice this month, I don't get too dark because I religiously use these KOJIE SAN products :) 

I know some people (ehem friends!) who are afraid to go to the beach because they don't want to get dark and I always tell them to use Kojie San so they'll get lighter skin easily. Problem solved! :D Kojie San products won't make you ghost-like white! It will just even out your skin tone :)

 Enjoy the rest of the summer! 

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