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Second time in Boracay this summer!

Just a week before this trip, ACER flew me in this beautiful island for their TOO ZESTY event launch and party! So imagine my surprise when ETC channel emailed me asking if I want to go to Boracay with their team so I can attend their Laboracay parties. 


Let's skip day 1 because I don't have photos! Blame the delayed flight so we got to the island around 10pm (we were supposed to arrive at 3pm). If you know me personally you probably know I got super pissed off (my patience meter just went bonkers)! Thankfully, Lissa and I calmed down after eating pizza and pasta at 12 midnight! :) We ended up laughing about our misfortunes that day! 

"Sinong may balat sa pwet satin?" LOL!

Day 2 was full of swimming, chatting, and pigging out. I'm not even going to include "picture taking time" because it's already a given for me and Lissa. #bloggerproblems

Shangri-La Boracay is the perfect place to shoot! Less people so we won't get judged! :P

My beautiful photographer! Hi Lissa :*

"I'm not breathing!" LOL

After 1 million shots (lol just kidding), we were finally satisfied with our photos! Actually we'd shoot more but the scorching heat made us give up!

Pool and beach time! :D

Lissa and I are pretty chill people so we avoided the "Laboracay crowd". Shangri-La Boracay is the perfect hiding place. It's far from the main beach (so no noise yay) and they got everything you need! 

Actually if I'm going to get married it's probably going to be here (Shang Boracay) or in Palawan. Hahaha. Random thought at 4 in the morning after receiving the news that another friend just got engaged! :P Pero guys matagal pa ko. #NoBoyfriendSinceBirth probs. Lelz.

We decided to go to Spider House for drinks meaning FRUIT SHAKES for me and Lissa (because we don't drink alcohol anymore) :) 

Swam to beat the heat while Lissa took care of my things and took photos of me. LOL!! Love you girl! :)

After the refreshing swim, we walked to Station 1 to supposedly meet with our friends. But sadly they were all hungover from the awesome ETC party the night before (we missed it because we were too tired from our flight). Knew it was a blast because at 3pm, my friends were still sleeping due to intense intake of alcohol. HAHAHA

First time to walk around this area in Boracay. I usually take the trike from Spider House to Discovery Shores but Lissa and I braved the heat to do some exploring!

I have nothing against Laboracay (just when people throw their trash EVERYWHERE) but now, I prefer a peaceful Boracay. I used to go here every year when I still liked drinking and partying but now, I choose to go when the island is at its most peaceful state. Haha.

I super love this part of Station 1! So calm. I actually saw Lind Hotel and I want to try it the next time I go here.

While sunbathing at Discovery Shores, the staff gave us free jello ice cream! SARAP! It actually saved me from heat stroke hahaha! 

We spent hours just sunbathing, swimming, and talking under the sun. We could hear the music from Two Seasons but Lissa and I are "lolas" so we just stayed at Discovery and waited for sunset :)

Of course we took photos again. HAHAHAHA! And yes, I changed bikinis (all for the love of instagram and blogging) =p

So much thoughts while watching this beautiful sunset. I realized how much I love Boracay. People say it's already too commercialized but I really don't care. My heart still beats like crazy whenever I'm in this island. It's so... magical :)

"Last photo for my instagram!" HAY NAKO HAHAHA

Boracay tradition: Four-cheese pizza and oyster sisig at Two Seasons! Lissa and I finished all these. YUM.

After dinner, I went to District to meet up with my friends and we dropped by JACK TV's event! Awesome tunes by DJ Toons :D I ended up dancing like crazy and I haven't done this in a while. But still, not a single drop of liquor that night! See, you can enjoy music without alcohol and... stuff. (Segue to the latest drug issue here in the Philippines which I'll probably talk about in my next blog post or you can just check out my angry tweets last week) LOL!

Good morning from Henann!

We only had 1 full day in Boracay but before flying out, we checked out the Havaianas booth in front of Henann Regency. They gave away free slippers! HOW AWESOME, RIGHT?! :D

Thank you Havaianas for our new flipflops! :)

Bitin trip but thank you ETC Channel for making this happen! :D I bet you guys were expecting party photos here but who says you can't have a chill Laboracay? :P

Just got word that I'm going to Boracay again this July for a hotel review. Crossing my fingers that it pushes through! 

Toodles :P

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