Love at first fit

Sunday, June 5, 2016 —

See how Vina, Mari and I fell in love at first fit at Avon Fashions Intimate Apparel launch!

Finding the right fit in all things is so important. May it be in the love department, searching for perfect job, and also by looking for the right clothes that suit you. Like this outfit I styled for like 10 minutes (so rushed haha) :P I went for cropped longsleeves top to match my Shop OOTD PH wide legged pants. Some people will pair it up with a loose top but then I lack height (hahaha) so doing a loose with loose ensemble is risky for me. Wore my super comfy Zara wedges so I don't get tired easily (heels is my number one enemy when going to events!). Knowing what fits you and feeling comfortable with what you're wearing is the key to confidently strutting an outfit.

After shooting that OOTD in Rockwell, Vina and I rushed to the AVON Fashions launch in Pineapple Lab Makati.

Spent the afternoon listening to these chic women (Bianca Valerio, Patty Laurel, Jennylyn Mercado, Yassi Pressman, Nicole Andersson, and Liz Uy) talk about fashion and finding the perfect fit when it comes to not only clothes, but also what's underneath... Brasseries! :)

Jennylyn and Yassi both discussed the importance of finding the right bra for you. What you wear underneath is just as important as how you feel about your look. From having the perfect fit, to superior quality and to beautiful designs, AVON truly delivers. 

 After the talk, Vina and I got measured. HAHAHA! This is really fun because we were telling the Avon ladies "we actually know na, our bra size? smallest!" But we did it anyway just to be sure. And we were right! HAHAHA.

We spent an hour choosing what brasseries we wanted to take home. Too many beautiful designs so we had a hard time!

4 out of the six bras I took home. Their printed brasseries are so stylish! :)

My top 3 picks! :) No OOTD of me wearing the bras though :)) Some bloggers actually had a shoot with Shaira Luna (styled by Liz Uy) wearing the new brasseries from Avon but then I got shy... :P 

Visit AVON's facebook page to know more about their products.

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