Summer in Baguio

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 —

Summer escape with Azalea Residences Baguio :)

I'm always constantly looking for escapades. If only I can go out of the country every month, I would. But then of course, adulting won't permit this because 1) have to save up for the future and be wise about spending 2) I have work so I can't be gone for too long. 

So I really thank God for my go-to nearby vacation places like La Union, Baler, Batangas and Baguio. Before the rainy season started, I decided to go to Baguio with my blogger friends to escape the crazy heat here in Manila. 

We stayed for 3 days in AZALEA RESIDENCES BAGUIO in Leonard Wood. So convenient because it's near the tourist areas and restaurants.

I had 2 roomies (Ana and Pax) so we got a big room. 2 rooms with a kitchen plus 2 bathrooms.

This is Paxie's room.

And this is the living room area (aka Ana's room); they just put an extra mattress here :) Then there's a balcony.

Then that's the CR 1 on the right.

This was my room! :)

It has its own CR. :) So spacious!

After checking in, we explored the hotel and took outfit shots! This was in the parking area. So many instagrammable spots around Azalea! Haha!

After chilling in the hotel, we went to Cafe Yagam for merienda.

Coffee bean making time!

Cafe Yagam is so quaint :) Super cute because they have books so you can read while waiting for your orders or you can just chill there with your friends!

The blogger kids' fixed this flatlay! Galing! :)

Hi Zed and Duff! :)

Went back to the hotel and found these in my bed (they cleaned our room again). Plus points for an OC person like me. Haha! After, we had dinner at Tradisyon (the resto inside Azalea). Didn't have photos because I was too hungry but I've always loved the food there! Fun fact: it's actually my second time to stay in Azalea :) It's my staple hotel in Baguio.

After dinner, we went to the UKAY area! :D We had an ukay challenge with the other bloggers (will write about it on my next post!). This area is like 10 minutes away from Azalea.

after shopping, kain na naman! :P Street food time!

Settled for corn with cheese and butter + coke because I was still super full from the yummy dinner in Tradisyon.

When we got back in our hotel, they left us flowers and fruits! SUPER LOVE THEM! :) Azalea really knows how to take care of their guests.

Next day... I didn't want to wake up yet. But I had to because of our packed itinerary! :))

Stretching before breakfast! Hahaha!

Breakfast time at Tradisyon (photos from Anagon)

One of the best hot chocolates I've ever tried in my entire life. I am not exaggerating! I had like 2-3 cups haha!

So much food. They even had an egg station that I totally adored haha. Yummmmmm!

What I love about Azalea's Tradisyon resto is the variety of food they offer. They have different cuisines every day and look! So affordable :) Had to stop myself from spending hours in the breakfast buffet area because we had a long day and I had to prepare!


Will post what my blogger friends and I did around Baguio tomorrow. Toodles!

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