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Sunday, July 3, 2016 —

Exploring Baguio with blogger friends! 

As usual, it took forever for me to write about the second part of my Baguio trip with blogger friends. Around mid-May, Azalea Baguio organized a trip for me and my blogger friends. Check out the first part of my Baguio with Blogger Buds blog post HERE. That's actually day 1 and what you're about to read is our very jampacked day 2!

First stop: Chinese temple / Bell Church. I go to Baguio every year but it's my first time here. It was like the temples I see whenever I go to other asian countries. I think the highlight of this visit is seeing Chinese kids doing PE! So cute! :) I think there's also a school inside this compound.

It was too early so I didn't take much photos. Haha!

Hi Kat and Cha! :) Cute matching bomber jackets!

Colorful houses in the area!

*tried* to take OOTD photos but like what I said, it was too early. HAHA! /lazyeyeslazyface

Second stop: BENCAB MUSEUM

It's my second time here so I didn't take photos too. The museum still had the same art installations (just a few new ones) so I just scanned through the artworks.

Twinning with Mike, Kat and Cha!

For all the art enthusiasts out there, this museum is a must visit. They also have Cafe Sabel that serves delicious food + hot chocolate!

So many instagrammable areas, too! :p

Third stop: Diplomat Hotel

It's my second time here. First time I visited this place, I didn't even go in / went upstairs. I don't want to talk about what happened but let's just say we had a "weird experience" 

I mustered enough courage to explore the place this time!

And I even took photos! This place is perfect for the adventurous ones. Not for the people who are easily creeped out. Just a quick story about this place: this became a hospital for terminally ill people during the Japanese war and they beheaded a lot of priests, nuns and children here. 

ONE BIG ANYWAY, went back to Azalea Residences for lunch after a long morning of exploring!

Also had a shoot with Kat for the Ukay Challenge! The sweaters are from the UKAY and they're only 50 pesos each! What a steal right? Gotta love the ukay places in Baguio! 

Before heading out again, took a few outfit shots around Azalea! :) Dress from EVER NEW.

Went to Arca's Yard for merienda! :)

It was also my first time here. Super love discovering new places :)

They're famous for their Camote Pie! Sarap!

It's so convenient to travel around the city of Baguio when you're staying at Azalea hotel. It's near everything! All the places we went to during this trip were like 5-10 minutes away from Azalea.

They have a shelf full of books so while eating + drinking our milk tea & hot chocolate, we decided to read a bit :)

After Arca's Yard, we went back to Azalea to have dinner and prepare for the karaoke night! I obviously don't have photos because we had TOO much fun (grabe tawa lang kami ng tawa the whole night). 

Thank you so much AZALEA RESIDENCES BAGUIO for this kickass experience! Perfect summer trip with my blogger friends :) Sa uulitin!

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