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Wednesday, July 6, 2016 —

My battle with adult acne has finally ended!
I have been battling with adult acne for more than a year now. I've had clear skin all throughout my adult/yuppie life but around March 2015 (I still clearly remember...), I noticed that I've been breaking out like crazy. Since I've had bad experiences with zits (from highschool to college I struggled with it), so this worried me so much. In my head I was like "I thought I was over this stage!" :o Apparently, not yet.

I tried so many dermas (I went to the best dermas in town --- if you read my blog / follow my instagram you'd know) but nothing worked. My skin just worsened and I had this bad habit of pricking my pimples! My patience meter went bonkers.

Months ago I received a package from Kojie San. Ana always talks about how this brand worked on her when she was having troubles with acne. Scared to try it, I didn't even bother opening the presskit Kojie San gave me UNTIL I didn't care so much about my skin to the point I told my friends "I'm gonna use any facial wash nalang, my skin is already at its worst state anyway!"

So that was the time I used Kojie San. Some of you might roll their eyes and think "sus! sponsored post kaya lang she's talking about this" but in all honestly, I am still even so surprised that this soap worked wonders on me.

I used the Kojie San soap around May 2016. At first of course, I didn't see the difference. But around mid-June, I noticed I rarely get zits and my scars were slowly disappearing. I haven't tried the toner and cream yet because I'm still finishing the korean serum I bought. But before, I put shitloads of Benzac cream on my face to prevent and kill the zits but now my routine is I just wash my face with Kojie San soap and put my korean serum. I knew that my korean serum's not responsible for the clearing of my face because I've been using it since April and nothing happened. I don't know if it's the combination of the Kojie San Soap with the serum but whatever it is, my skin is in a better state now!

I can't tell you guys that it's gonna have the same effect on you (I'm not an expert) but if you're having struggles like me, I now truly believe when people told me to just find the products that will be "hiyang" on my skin. So just try it! Then just see if it works or not.

I've discussed about this Kojie San miracle (hahaha!) with my blogger friends and heard that a lot of them use it also! Vina, Ana, and I are so amazed that this affordable soap worked for us. You guys don't know how much money I've spent on treatments, meds, and lasers just to clear up my skin. I ended up being so frustrated cos I wasted so much moolah (could've used them on plane tickets/travel). :))

Here's to hoping my wonderful journey to having porcelain skin (again) continues! I still have a few scars but I can easily cover them up now with concealer/cc cushion! :p And the most important thing is I don't get cystic pimples anymore!!!! YAY! 

Thank you KOJIE SAN! :D

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  1. I so can relate to you. I am a Make Up artist and has always been so careful with my skin. So hygienic and uses only non-perfumed face products. Until, well, i got out of BC ( birth control ) since I am planning to go vegan on my skin care, organic on my food and mostly Paleo on my diet. Im still battling with adult acne at this time, trying to reverse PCOS' symptoms, but this post just made me feel better knowing im not the only one who suffers from the horrors of Adult acne. Love- rain


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