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Monday, July 25, 2016 —

Guess who's back... back again :P

So... I didn't blog for 3 weeks. I don't open my laptop that much anymore and I've been so busy with work! :( I always have excuses whenever I abandon this website. Haha! I'm sure you guys (whoever's still reading this hahahaha) are so used to my disappearing act!

One big anyway, I also don't attend events that much anymore. I don't know if I'm becoming less sociable or I'm just really lethargic. HAHAHA. During my free time, I prefer reading a book, watching netflix/ korean dramas or sleep. 

But last Saturday, I dragged my lazy self to Silka's 15th anniversary event in Trinoma. In fairness, I missed my blogger friends! The event was also a perfect bonding time for us because Silka had interesting booths like kinect, videoke, makeover, quiz time etc! Vina and I were so game to try everything. Best part? We got to take home Silka products! Haha score! :P Also, I won best dressed! :)) Hahaha I was so shocked and sabi nga ni Joyce, I had a Miss Universe moment! Lol. So many fun mems during the event! I didn't even get to take a lot of photos because I was too busy enjoying! :)

Happy 15th anniversary, Silka! :D

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